You You You, not Me, Me, Me

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For many years both Show Ready Events and my kids and I have supported a local shelter/food kitchen and we feel like that is an important way to pay respect for our good fortunes.  I’ll never forget when Keegan was 5 and we went to the New Horizons Shelter in Manchester, NH and the young homeless people didn’t have coats and it was in the single digits out, causing them to move their bodies to keep warm, in a group hug and they were crying at the same time.  Keegan said “Daddy why are they dancing when they are so sad”.

This holiday season, please consider donating to your local shelter or mine- New Horizons


I am proud to work in an industry that has a long-standing history of helping those who need help.  I saw this article in PCMA this morning and thought I would share.  If you like, please share on your social media as well!


Years ago, I had a “High Maintenance” client in Washington DC.  One of my colleagues said to me “Did you ever notice how many times she uses the words “Me and I? Can you imagine if she used the words You and Them in the same place instead?”  I always remembered that.