What Professional Changes Have You Made Through Technology In The Past Year?

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Technology continues to give us more opportunity for efficiencies.  Apps, software, and their ability to adapt is key in today’s business place.  One of the challenges associated with the explosion of new technological opportunities is group adaption.  I have different clients that use different tools to accomplish the same thing within their own structures, and want me to adapt to all of them.  It’s kind of cool that we have all of these options, but what ones work?

Some of these include document sharing-  Google Docs?  Meh….Not a big Google Doc fan.  Drop Box? One Drive?  Love them.  Easy to drop and grab. We are also using Wunderlist for our weekly staff meeting prep.

What about apps?  What are you using?  Jen Owen, from Team SRE,  is always on top of the latest apps to improve efficiency.  Eddie Romanita likes iAnnotate for making changes to room diagrams onsite.  I have tried it and I am a little rusty but the notes are good for it.  Tell me if there is anything that you are loving!