New Website

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In the preparation of the development of the new SRE website, I wanted to approach this differently than in the past.  I think in the past, I spent too much emotional energy on it, trying to portray who we were and EVERYTHING we did.  When you own a small business and you are very publically trying to portray yourself of being able to do BIG things you don’t want to look like you just hung your shingle out and you have a bucket to leave payment.  I think it was a mission accomplished.  I wanted us to look professional and competent.

This time around, I cultivated more opinions, and turned over the majority of the development to Jessica.  We started the process with specific goals.  There were so many looks and approaches.  Some of the goals included a “Cool” look, not corporate so to speak, easy to navigate, and an easier, quick description of who we were without sounding cheesy.  We also didn’t want it to be cluttered.   I still find it hard to figure out how to portray us as the “Little Engine that Can” but I like the site.  When we saw the look of this site we eventually launched, we all kind of said “Cool”.  I hope you do too.  One of SRE’s greatest assets is the “Accolade” section.  Sometimes when I am having a rough day, I can either look at pictures of my family, or the customer accolades.  They both soothe me.  The accolades are real comments from real customers!  Some of them were so perfect; it felt like I brought on a creative writer to make them up.

How about you?  What do you think?  Be honest!  Thanks to all of you who did participate in the SRE site development!