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The Kickoff is really the Kickoff!

JANUARY 26, 2023

Earlier this month, SRE again had the honor to work on both FIRST’s Founder’s Reception and
the FRC Kickoff Events in New Hampshire. We were not challenged with crazy New England
weather this year which made the onsite experience better. All things went extremely well and
we were recognized by our excellence client/partners from FIRST HQ. Lance, Kerrell and I had
fun too!

I started thinking that, take away the pandemic, I have worked on over 20 kickoffs at the
beginning of each year. Its design is to be the kickoff for the FIRST Robotics Competition
season. I never really thought that it is the kickoff for the SRE year as well. It is a challenge
right at the start of the year which helps hone us for all events throughout the year. No
ramping up along the way, it’s a new year boom!

Feeling lucky for the many years with FIRST and the opportunity to serve this amazing
organization that has, and continues to change the world through its creative programming.

Check this out and Happy Kickoff to all!

2023 Kickoff Broadcast – CHARGED UP presented by Haas – YouTube