I am thankful for friends & family!

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Family, Gratitude

Once again life happens. In the past week I have had both family emergencies, and a personal friend in need. It’s funny how other people’s pain can make me feel good. There I go being selfish again!

My friend had something semi-catastrophic happen to him and he is struggling with how to deal with it. We are lifelong friends and have known each other since well before puberty and it made me feel good that he reached out to me for conversation. It was great to see him and affirmed how much we mean to each other.

My mom has also been in the hospital 4 times in two weeks. The doctors can’t seem to agree or figure out what is truly wrong with her. It’s tough to see her struggle. But again, I felt a happiness and warmth amongst family as we come together to try and support her. My sister in particular has been amazing with all the time and support she has given to my mom.

Why do I feel good? If I didn’t have family and friends that I care about so much then I wouldn’t feel their stress, their pain, and want to help them with their situations. This makes me lucky.

Life is not easy. When you engage, live, and work hard you can’t help but become involved in the real parts of life, which go beyond your own needs. Real life involves being part of other’s lives and that is true enrichment.