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May 7, 2024

Recently, I have been stressed. Really stressed. In the face-to-face events industry, stress to event planners is like a sunburn to a roofer. I’m not just making this up. There are many industry articles you can find online that state that our industry is more stressful than a surgeon’s!

Event professionals more stressed than ever: IBTM World report – The Incentivist

Event Planner Stress Skyrocketing Post-Pandemic – Prevue Meetings & Incentives

Me being me, I was trying to figure out why I was feeling more stressed this year than in the past couple of years post pandemic. I guess I am just blessed with a lot of business. Recently, in the middle of a stressful week, I realized that I was also blessed with great clients. Clients that shoulder some of that stress as well. I don’t want my clients to stress about my work. At the end of the event planning and management that I am working on, I want them to feel confident that everything is in good order. They have their end.  Promotion, sponsorships, staffing, etc.  So, they are stressed too.  I guess there is a lot of stress to go around to make a great event!  

I have learned again and again in life that the best things in life aren’t easy.  They require dedication and effort. That could be for graduating school, your job, relationships, or playing an instrument. If you want something worthwhile, it is not easy. So, does that mean that the best events are the ones that you stressed out about the most? I think I’ll ponder that for a while….