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Step One- Site Selection and the Planning Process!

AUGUST 23, 2023

Contrary to most social event management companies, SRE spends most of its summer schedule in the planning process for fall, winter and spring shows. We travel, meet key vendors, see new venues, make new friends, and most importantly build the foundation for the “80%”. The 80% is all of the front side work that it takes to plan an event. The final 20% is the onsite execution. When you do the 80 correctly, then you don’t have to do more than the 20 onsite. That is to say, by asking all the right questions, being diligent, creative, and consistent, our onsite event managers walk into the venue with the event already planned and they just need to ensure that all of the plans come to life.

This summer we have been to Charlotte, Arkansas, Iowa, Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and the greater Bay area. I am probably forgetting a place or two, and we have some more travel to go. During these visits, we are able to build foundational relationships that help us work as a team with people we already know to make the event execution easier.

See Mindy with our key clients in Singapore at the Gardens By The Bay. What a venue and what an event we have coming up there this fall for FIRST Global!

Mindy with clients in Singapore at the Gardens By The Bay