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Singapore Slinging!!!

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore with Vince, Stephanie and Kate from FIRST Global to essentially look at the entire city as a canvas for the forthcoming 2023 FIRST Global Event. The canvas included the Singapore Expo Center, Gardens by the Bay, National University of Singapore, robotics organizations, and many hotels and restaurants. Great professionals and great people. What a city!

If you do what I do for a living, this is exactly what I had dreamed about many years ago when plotting my course. This isn’t just a highly detailed live show- it’s a continuation of Dean Kamen’s plan to change the world through Robotics Competitions as a sport for students. The attendees for this show will be between the ages of 14-18, and as Stephanie has explained to me, in many cases the first time away from home, not just out of their country. It is truly an Olympic experience where teams from all over the world are trying to solve the same problems, with different approaches. Just like many problems in the world. In the end, whether a team wins or loses really doesn’t matter. It’s the journey and the experience that will shape these lucky kids for the rest of their lives.

Producing live events has long been my goal and profession. Producing live events that have real world impact is on a whole different level. It makes me feel lucky to be a part of something so special!

FIRST Global – Inspiring the Next Generation of Changemakers