Show Ready Events @ IAEE expo! expo!

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Uncategorized

What a great experience I had this week going to IAEE’s Expo Expo event in Houston! It is nice to be amongst my peers and see new developments in the Event Industry.  Great new things with Video and apps, updates on convention centers and arenas and some quality educational classes.  The opening reception was way cool, and all of the smaller receptions were great face to face opportunities.

The best part for me was the personal connections.  I would run into someone that I took a class with three years ago and remember a conversation we had.  Clients were there.  Longtime partners, who are friends that I trust completely.  I met with great people from 4 different Exposition Services Companies, and not one of them said bad stuff about the other.  I had the same experience with top line cities who I work with and some that I don’t.  They are all pretty focused on what they can do, not so much what others can’t.  Negative selling is so old school, and that makes me feel more confident in someone’s professionalism when they are not focused on cutting down the competition.

Here’s to all of the class of 2014 CEM grads, and to all that have a feeling of possibility in an amazing industry-Thanks for making me feel lucky!