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As I sit on here on my flight home from Toronto I picked up one of those in flight shopping magazines that make the most useless things look so appealing.  Fake boulders for your lawn that you can move easily.  Motorized tie racks.  Wrinkle free shirts.  Well, maybe I can use a couple of those!

I started thinking about what I have spent my summer shopping for.  Venues.  I have been to Louisville, Detroit, Toronto, Windsor On., Orlando, Atlanta, Mexico City, DC, Albany, and probably another place or two all searching for the right venue for the right event.  This- to me- is sexier than shopping in a mall!  Seating charts, power specifications, rigging points, ancillary rooms, big floors, small floors, and yes even loading docks.  I waited patiently in Mexico City for the loading dock of an amazing arena to be available once the Disney on Ice folks finished their rehearsals.  It was worth the wait!  Am I weird?  This is great stuff to me.

I am shopping.  Being particular.  It may not be the look or feel of an Armani Suit, but the look and feel of an arena is important!  It may not be Gucci, but it’s catering service.  Important?  You bet.  Shiny new interior of a car?  Not really, but the flow path of an event that I am envisioning is way cooler to me.  If I don’t do my shopping right now, then there will be problems later, and I can’t use my receipt to return a defective item.  Okay, that’s one that traditional shopping has mine beat!

Sometimes during trade shows, I have witnessed serious looks on attendees faces as they shop.  Shop for services, and products with intensity and excitement as the Filene’s wedding dress day.  Makes me wonder what other people shop for.  I’ll stick with my shopping and know that my shopping will go a long way to set the environment for an amazing show later…..