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I am sitting on a train writing this as an obnoxious young woman decides to whip out a bottle of nail polish and proceed with letting out that stink of toxins and paint her nails a nice light pink color. I think painted nails are fine, but at my expense? She clearly is self-concerned, not self-aware.

Have I ever suffered from this same fate? No, I don’t mean painting my nails in public, I mean from a lack of self-awareness. Sometimes I feel like I have three personas. My personal, my professional, and my bleed, which is both. Do I let my personal interfere with my professional and let a client smell my nail polish? I hope not. I try to be conscious be it when I park in a parking spot, navigate a grocery store, conduct myself in an airplane or a train, and try purposely to conduct my actions at nobody’s expense.

At work, I want to make sure that I am opposite of the woman sitting next to me. Like look out for other people. Think of things to do for them not to them. Is this a generation thing? Am I going all gray haired here? Maybe, but I was hoping that she would at least look over and read my post and take a hint. No such chance…..