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I was looking through a handful of pictures today, mostly work related pictures.  Some of them are scale shots, some are people.  A lot are really quick “Snap and Go” type shots of function rooms, doorway entrances, loading docks, restrooms, and parking.  Sexy, right?!?!

 The BEST shots are the pictures that I take with my mind.  Many times during the middle of an event, I take the time to look at the expressions on attendees faces.  Sit in their seats.  Try to see the show as an attendee would.  It gives me perspective.  Some of the best shots in my mind are when I am standing behind stage with a speaker or an act on stage and I can look into the crowd they are presenting to.  I like when a really great speaker has the audiences complete attention.  Focus.  Eyes up.  Waiting for the point to be made.  Or when a presenter is a “Wanderer” and people are following him/her like a sitting dog watching his owner while their food is being made.  Or elation when a band finishes its song and the crowd erupts in cheer!  These are the best pictures for me.

 So I guess there are two types of pictures.  The ones I took                                        and the ones I….. TAKE.