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Planning in Harmony

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

We are in the midst of planning several live shows here at SRE.  The FIRST Robotics Competition schedule is such a challenging thing to work on.  We assist in the process of finding over 50 venues in over 50 cities to manage a 6-week long robotics competition schedule that literally changes the world.  The students that we are serving will go on to be tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, inventors and thought leaders, using Woodie Flower’s “GP”, which stands for Gracious Professionalism.

In addition to this, we are working on the 2024 LegalWeek Show, Mogul ChessBoxing, and of course our Church Facilities Expo (CFX) for 4th quarter shows.  I can’t even remember when the pandemic was! Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine who kept talking about his clients with the opposite of synergy.  I was thinking about the synergy and collaboration I have with my clients.  I can’t think of a client that I am working with that frustrates me, stresses me out or that I can’t seem to get along with.  So many of my clients are people that I am proud to be associated with and strangely have sibling like relationships.  How lucky am I?!  If you are going to be working hard to accomplish something big, isn’t it great to do it with people you like and respect?

Perhaps the biggest show Mindy and I are working on right now is the FIRST Global event.  Think the Olympics paired with energetic students and robots- in Singapore!  We have been so pleased to work with our new partners from Dorier and Pico, and the Singapore Expo and know that we will deliver these students an excellent experience that they will take home and use for the rest of their lives!