Personal Inspiration can equal Professional Inspiration!

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

I am truly blessed.  I have a great family, a great team of professionals, and the best clients.  My work is interesting, and challenging and I am truly doing what I set out to do with my professional life.  That doesn’t make my work easy!

I was speaking with one of my fine nephews last night and I was concerned about his forthcoming baby who is due any second (Baby Fiona).  I was amazed at how calm he and his wife are doing considering they are now officially overdue and this is their first baby.  He said to me “Uncle Steve, the hospital is not too far, I have the support of her family, and a car that is great in the snow should more bad weather arrive.  The baby is healthy and we will be fine.”  I think I am more stressed about my work week than he is about the arrival of their first baby!

So in a simple way, I started thinking about all that I have to accomplish this week with a couple days of travel thrown in to boot.  As usual, I have scheduled an aggressive week, figuring that this is the last full week of business prior to the holidays.  And I want to make it count!

I went through a handful of items that I had for follow up, and passed them off to staff.  I had two documents to write, and I wrote them.  I have a computer that needs work and a server that needs more work, so I found someone to work on them this week.  AND the best part was I scheduled time to sit down with two of my staff members this week, and focus on development and mentoring.

Way to go nephew Jason!  Reminding me that if people are handling stressful things in this world all the time, and I can certainly manage the job that I love by simply applying the pieces that I have around me.  l will blaze out of 2013 into 2014!