More Than People Behind a Wall

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For the past five years, I have had the luck of being able to work on some events in Mexico.  My dear client who insists that I call her “Mi Hermana” has shown me many sides of Mexico.  The hardworking people.  The Underprivileged.  The technology community.  The history, and the future.  All incredibly interesting and not so unlike the many other nations I have been to in terms of the fact that there are good things, and things in progress, just like other countries and just like the United States.

I was a teenager in the mid 80’s when the big earthquakes came and changed the landscape of Mexico City forever.  I still remember the news clips showing the devastation and wondering how they could ever recover. A couple of years ago I was downtown in Mexico City and saw how some of the historical buildings are slowly sinking, and some are not so level due to its history of being built on an ancient lake bed.  Mexico City’s comeback has been great since the 80’s.  The hotels, businesses, restaurants, and vista are all a wonderful blend of historic and contemporary.  It’s cool to walk in, and even fly over.

Recently of course, Mother Nature reminded Mexico who was really in charge.  First, earthquakes in the South, then the big one in Mexico City.  The stories on TV of the volunteers digging our survivors was amazing.  Mi Hermana got involved, bringing food to the volunteers and I am sure countless other things that will span into the future knowing her.  7.1 Earthquakes are hard for any city to combat and comeback from.  FIRST had an event cancel because of the shift in campuses from the Technical University that hosts them had both death and injury on a devastated campus.

As Mexico and Mexico City once again rebuilds, I urge you to see these great people as amazing hard working and kind people who are more than a culture behind a proposed wall.  Their dreams are our dreams.  Good jobs, government and housing.  Opportunities for opportunity. Education for elevation.  I have chosen to donate through UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Relief Fund).  Call me nostalgic.  I was one of those kids who dressed up in my Halloween costume for years in elementary school with the gold colored box and knocked door to door before it got dark to “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” not really knowing what UNICEF was about, but knowing that it was for a good cause to help kids around the world.  UNICEF boasts that it looks out for kids, and makes sure that they get clothing, housing, and food in times of crisis and is working hard in Mexico City right now.   You can too by clicking here:

In addition to this, the Mexican Red Cross seems like another great place to donate to, by clicking here: .

Let’s not forget our friends to the South as the news cycle has advanced to many other stories in the past weeks!