Mike Whittington & Associates

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

I was really excited today to speak with my friend Mike Whittington from Mike Whittington and Associates. He has reinvented his company and has a great team of solid professionals. Mike and I have worked on several projects over the years and he is a rare mix of patience meets knowledge, mixed with Mid-Western values, wrapped up in a nice guy wrapper. Perhaps his best quality is that he always does the “Right” thing. We are preparing to work on the Healthcare Design Show in DC this fall and his approach is always so methodical and professional.

It was ironic that we were having a Convention Industries Council CMP review class this week and it reviewed transportation and DMC services. Mike could have written that section. He has a unique model- He produces local services anywhere. He has worked in so many cities and has so many contacts that you always get the local expertise.

If you ever have a chance to use his local event services please look him up. AND don’t forget this is a selfish exchange. If anyone that I send his way books with him, he buys me a drink!

I guess sometimes in this world you come across someone who is so above the norm that he/she motivates you to sing a song for him/her. This is that song…..