Lucky to be part of a great team at Show Ready Events!

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

I was in  Boston at the FIRST New England District Championship this weekend and I was clearly a fifth wheel.  Kari and Jerry had things in control coupled with a great local committee and volunteer group.  I was walking towards the game area when a young volunteer said to me “Oh….you work for Show Ready Events?”  I said “Ummmm…..Yes, I do.”  She said “Oh you guys are awesome!  I have heard so many great things about you guys and now I get to see it’s true.  I also heard it’s a great company to work for….Is that true?”  I said…”Ummmmmm yes, I believe so.”  Then she said “How long have you been with them?”  I said “A long time.  11 years.”  She said “Wow!  That’s cool.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to work for them one day.  See you later.”

As I watched her walk away I was a bit dumbfounded.  It occurred to me that my little company has a great reputation!  And also, that I could have been the lamest person she has met from the company so far.