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Lucky, Happy, And…..Well Lucky!

December 15, 2023

This past weekend I was going through 2023 pictures to sort of recall the awesome and crazy year we just had at Show Ready Events! So many thoughts and feelings worked their way in and out of me as I re-witnessed our challenges and successes. 

Recently, in a conversation with an acquaintance, I did what I have tried to do many times over the years- tried to explain what it is that I do for a living.  For those of you in the industry, most of the people that you try to explain your work to initially think that what you do is “Fun”.  I guess that’s okay as a first impression, but I always think that it’s incumbent upon me to get them to understand that I don’t always get the fun until I let myself. Fun is usually the last part of the process after vision, concept, toiling, sweating, swearing, stressing, and checking. When she pressed a little more about the process of planning, I said without thinking “What we do is take the Idea to the Ideal.” I immediately started thinking about bumper stickers!  

I write this as I am about to part for Athens, feeling about as lucky as I can. This year saw SRE handle about 60 events in 5 countries and bolster relationships and make new friends.  I have written before about relevance.  It is not lost on me that only 2 short years ago, none of us knew exactly where the face-to-face events business was going, but we wanted to get there!  So “Lucky” is a good word.

I am also happy because on a personal note, I have had a recent happy family occasion via a wedding, have recovered from a “Sort Of” big surgery this year, and my dogs still love me.  I am blessed with great relationships and family and always have something to look forward to, which I think is quite important for happiness. 

Many of my relationships are blurred. I both admire and like my team and my clients, but I sometimes forget that they are supposed to be business relationships. I have worked with so many of them for years, I know all about their kids, and they know about mine.  About their partners, and them mine.  Their vacations and my adventures.  I was brought up in the “Your business is business and your personal is your personal” kind of time, and I don’t know if times really have changed, or if I have.  It really doesn’t matter, it just makes me….Lucky.  There is that word again!

When you take a picture, you are motivated to do so, for small and big reasons, or maybe for recall or emotion. For me, it’s both.  I take pictures to record details for the event planning process and to see the happy look on a loved one’s face. I hope that anyone reading this can take a few moments and look at your pics from this year.  Let them help you measure the amount of challenge, fun, and adventure that makes you who you are- hopefully as Happy and Lucky as I am!