Kicked Ass!

by | Jun 7, 2019 | SRE News | 1 comment

SRE Kicked Ass Award

Every year I get the pleasure of awarding two awards – The Kicked Ass Award Engineering style, which is reserved for a top FIRST Robotics Competition Field Tech Advisor who generally save the show each year, and The Kicked Ass Award for the Show Ready Events events manager who…..well kicked ass during the year.
The former was presented at FIRST HQ in January and the second one on the road in Detroit last month in front of the team, although the winner was not present.

The first award was presented to Mark Koors.

Almost all of the FRC team has had a chance to work with Mark over the years. He is a kind problem solver who is as interesting as he is smart. When he isn’t saving the Robotics Competition, he is saving the world through his volunteerism. What a guy!




The second winner is Ariel Beach-Westmoreland.

Ariel is an incredible problem solver who also happens to be extremely nice! Ariel was put in some challenging situations this Robot season and had the types of situations where she had to be both diligent and creative, all while smiling! It seemed like all members of my core team found a way to bring her name up all spring!

Kudos to you both. I feel lucky to know you both! And THANK YOU for all you have done and do for Show Ready Events!