What inspires you?

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

I have always been impressed and inspired by Dr. Woodie Flowers.  His actions are based on a lifetime of doing the right thing, and not being self-concerned.  He looks at the greater world and how to improve it through his own communities.  Most people are inspired by him from a distance, I have had the privilege to speak with him directly and seeing that he truly means what he says, and what he says is pretty important.

Back in 2000, I remember him talking about a misallocation in our American culture about the celebration of celebrity versus how we don’t celebrate people who invent, innovate, and change the world through their positive ideas and actions.  He has gone on to coin a phrase through FIRST called “Gracious Professionalism”.  Take a look at this link on how he connects gracious professionalism from robotics students to life.

I hope you find this as inspirational and important as I do!