Importance of social interaction

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

I just heard a “Lovely” story on the radio about how the human brain instinctively requires human social interaction to stay positive.  For instance, (according to the story), mass murderers have been linked to a lack of social interaction, as in the fact that they spend tons of time alone considering their acts without outside influence.

Okay, weird transition here, but isn’t that the same way in handling business and customer service?  If I encouraged my staff to “Figure it out on your own” and we didn’t have the resources and commitment from one another they may not grab a gun, but maybe they wouldn’t be so good at handling needs.

Have you ever done one of those executive training that puts your personality into one of four areas (There are many different versions out there but for me it was the “Driver”, the “Analyzer” , the “Harmonizer” and the “Socializer”).  Here are a couple of links that attempt to explain:

The conclusion from the radio story was that people who socialize more, can get more out of their co-workers, clients and personal relationships and tend to have their brain engaged MORE than someone who is more of an analytical thinker.  I wouldn’t have guessed that, but apparently it’s true!  What do you think?