How’s Business?

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I have been conducting a word on the street kind of poll since before the holidays with venues, vendors, and partners to Show Ready Events.  “How’s Business?”  I am hearing in almost every case “Not bad” or “Getting Better”.  It seems that we are in a much better situation than the doomsday probability of few short years ago.  Does this mean everything is perfect?  Was it ever before the recession?  Not many people walk around saying everything is “Perfect”, even when times are great.

With that being said, at SRE, we are doing “Great”.  That means that we have enough business to keep us busy, challenged, and pleased with the opportunities we have.  What about you all?  How are times?  Do you feel like we are turning the corner in America?

Perhaps what I think is the greatest thing of all, is the fact that we are able to at least see indications of a far improved economy.  Hotel rates?  Up for two straight years.  Flights?  To me, still packed, still expensive.  Did anyone get a parking spot at the mall this past holiday season, or were items out at you favorite websites?  So why is that the greatest thing of all?  I think it is in spite of the fact that our political leaders at the State and Federal levels can’t seem to agree on anything.  Does that mean we are improving the economy all on our own?