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First Impressions

NOVEMBER 28, 2022

One of the many things that I love about event management is the initial visit to a new venue. Its like a blank slate and you have to insert not just your specs, but your creativity. There are many ways to look at how an event is portrayed, from pre-show to post-show and of course the live show. The planning process is that time when you think of the possible, and the potential. Then you plot your way there.

I get this feeling if it is small meeting space or a large convention center. If you put your feet in the attendee’s shoes and think about what their first impressions will be, what will make for a better experience and so forth, you are on your way to making something transformative- a live event that people will have in their memories long after the in-person experience.

I had the pleasure this week to meet with some great folks in Quebec in a new arena and do exactly what I mentioned. Together, we will make a great experience for all who will attend the Festival De Robotique Quebec event!