Finding your Peace, Happiness & Balance within the Whirlwind of Life!

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

One of Merriam-Webster definition of a whirlwind is “something that involves many quickly changing events, feelings, etc.” If I could use one word to describe the last six months for the Fultz family, it would be whirlwind. Selling our house in Manchester, moving back home to Indiana, purchasing a new house, finishing out the FRC 2014 season and  FIRST Championship, launching a new event in Canada, two family vacations and a first birthday party for Jackson (which, if you’ve ever thrown one of these, you know isn’t an easy task). It occurred to me recently that I was caught up in it all. How could I not be?

Another definition for whirlwind can be described as, “a very strong wind that moves in a spinning or swirling motion and that can damage buildings, trees, etc.” At times, this tornado we had around us seemed to get the best of me. It seemed to be damaging my spirit, my intention and my drive. I felt exhausted and uninspired. All of my non-work time was spiraling around “the big move” and then the other “big move” into our new home. It occurred to me that I was forgetting one thing: I chose to do this. I chose this craziness in hopes of a happier ending. It was that moment that I decided to stop being exhausted and uninspired. The dust will settle and life will be as it was intended. Did I want to move back to Indianapolis? Yes. Was I excited about new work adventures? Yes. What I ready for the transition that would take my baby to a toddler? Well, ok….you got me there. What was about to happen, my whirlwind, was my choice (our choice). Because as the storm would break, happiness would lie ahead. Peace knowing I would have family within two miles any direction and that Jackson would be raised among those who love him most. Calm knowing that I would be just as successful with my work in Indiana as I was in New Hampshire. Happiness knowing my life was balanced.

We’re almost six months to the day that I made the long trek 16 hours with Jackson and our cat from Manchester to Indianapolis, and our dust has started to settle. We got to spend an amazing amount of time this summer with my parents that live in Texas.  We are able to spend our evenings and weekends surrounded by family and friends whether it’s BBQ s on the deck, checking out a new local restaurant or church on Sunday mornings. And the thing that’s changed the most: Jackson! We’ve gone from barely crawling to full-blown, can’t keep up, running and talking toddler that, somehow, finds his happiness in carrying around brooms.

You read that right. Brooms. Kid loves them!

Life has certainly shown itself to be a whirlwind from time to time, and I’ve learned that the best way to approach it is head-on. Whenever that next tornado hits, work or home, I’ll be ready for it. Hopefully the next whirlwind you encounter will leave you with peace, happiness and balance once the calm sets in.