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Face Time

by Steve Krawic | June 22, 2022

At Show Ready Events, we were lucky to hang in there and not be a pandemic statistic.  We stayed alive and we emerged in force to both plan and execute awesome shows!  We were and are blessed to still be working on FIRST Robotics Competitions after a couple of decades and see that the core spirit of the FIRST staff, students, volunteers and sponsors still believe in this important institution, and how it has and will shape the world.  We have had other ventures too and new clients to boot.  We welcome FIRST Global, EH Publishing and JK Productions as new partners, and am happy for our continued association with ALM, and Mike Whittington and Associates.  We all believe that the best way to communicate in a community is face to face.  Virtual works for everyday coms, but when you can get input, give feedback and absorb other people’s thoughts in the same actual environment in real time is incomparable still if you want to elevate and evolve thought.

The core team of SRE is so important to me.  We all have the client in mind, work hard, solve problems big and small, and are ultimately successful because our clients are.  The most important part of this team isn’t their work acumen, as much as it is who they are as people.  Still important.  Pandemic, recession, storms and bolts of lighting can come, but when you are a good person, you stay a good person.  I can find solid professionals, but its hard to find and maintain a group of excellent people.  That makes me lucky.  Our growing group of part-time partners has been a nice thing to see this year.  As we work with them, evaluate them, and grow with them, it is reassuring that the future is as bright with these pros as our core team. Good things. Good things…..

So, with our busy 2022 both behind and ahead of us, I look forward to sharing some of our successes more in real time, or as close to it as time and the falling in place of my words will permit. I have been cautious not to think like the pandemic is over. It’s not. Not at all. Now is the time to move forward with our skills and hope that the world is ready for a new normal- a harmonizing of the new healthcare reality, with the continual fact that face to face events (even with masks) remain transformative!