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Chessboxing Surprise!

DECEMBER 14, 2022

I had the good fortune this past weekend to work with JK Productions on the Mogul Chessboxing Championship in Los Angeles.  What a show!  The past couple of months Jacob from JK and Kerrell and I have been working hard on this new show.  Working on specs, understanding needs and culture, while taking on some areas that we are not necessarily experts in, but learning a lot in the process.  

The surprise you ask?  FUN!  From SRE, Kerrell, Gregory, Manon and I worked hard on everything from merchandise sales to stage management and many things in between while hearing old friend Steve Fink on the headset steadied my nerves.  The team from our new friends at Katapult couldn’t have been more professional while they figured out how to work a new show in a new house with new talent.  Behind it all was the team from JK Productions who quickly worked with the SRE team like a family.  We were interacting all the way, trusting each other and watching our client’s success slowly unfold before our eyes.  

I ended up having fast respect for the talented Chessboxing performers.  These people came prepared, and were simultaneously nervous and cavalier as they risked their bodies and their credibility in front of hundreds of thousands of both in person and live streamers.  What a show! I walked away feeling lucky to be a part of it.  

Kudos to all involved and thanks to JK Productions for allowing SRE to partner with them on making this event go from unique concept to professional execution in just a few short months.  What a way to close a busy 2022!