Change of Scenery

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

I have spent the last few weeks finding my focus. I didn’t set out to do this, and I didn’t really think it was lost. I realized that with rest, relaxation, and new influences, that clarity and creativity follow. I set out to “Change My Scenery” mostly because I can. My kids are older, and I can work from most anywhere, so I chose Newport Rhode Island as a place to change my scenery for the month of August. This was not to be a vacation, which some of my family had a hard time understanding that concept, that I can go away and work at the same time.

I rented a small one room apartment on the outskirts of downtown and negotiated a fair rate. It had a bed, a bathroom, TV, and a small dorm size refrigerator, and a microwave and sink. It was in what I refer to as “The Tombstone District” that is, directly across the street from blocks and blocks of various cemeteries. My youngest son was with me for a lot of the time, and my dog Sophie for all of the time. We had some great journeys walking through the old streets, looking at homes that were furniture makers and blacksmiths from the mid-18th century through my daily walks through the “Eastern Point” section of town. Also sailboats galore! We also discovered Broadway, more where locals go, and of course the touristy areas on the water. Even though there are beaches, I never went, and spent my time working, reading, and at times entertaining family and friends.

The second to last day there I started evaluating whether my “Change of Scenery” was worth it. Sometimes I didn’t feel like going out to dinner, but I didn’t have a kitchen to cook. Other times the space felt confining, and Sophie always would jump to her feet at any change in motion always thinking that I was taking her on another walk. She loved the new sniffs that Newport afforded her! When I was thinking about it, I ended up accomplishing a lot and spending time considering what was important to me both professionally and personally. Was this a modern day Walden Pond? Not really, but I did eliminate many of the trappings of everyday life and routine and put myself in a focus situation. I realized that I hadn’t realized how great it had been, and then allowed myself to be happy about it!

I also realized that I didn’t learn too much new about myself or my work, but I instead, learned to appreciate it a bit more. I do feel lucky. I love the work that I do. I find it challenging and rewarding. I also realized that I am family and friend rich. And now I am back in NH. Complete with all the things I need to get done around the house and in my yard! Recently a client of mine asked me “Why are you doing this- Changing your scenery?” I said “To try something different, to try and accomplish in a different environment, one of my choosing and see what happens” This client is now on her own journey doing something similar and I am looking forward to hearing whether her journey was as interesting and successful as mine!