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Steve with Kerrell, recipient of the 2023 Show Ready Events "Kicked Ass Award"

From A Donkey To Hawks!

We started off the FIRST Championship week with a Donkey. Not just any donkey you see….but the Show Ready Events “Kicked Ass Award” donkey. Kerrell McNeal is this year’s winner of this prestigious award!

FIRST Robotics Competitions 2023

What A Month!

The past month plus, the SRE team has been engaged in finalizing details for and running dozens of events. Most of these events are FIRST Robotics Competitions, which we have been working on for many, many years. These events took us from Australia to Mexico City and over 50 destinations in between. Suffice to say, that it will be a few weeks for the noise of the crowds to stop ringing in our heads!

Show Ready Events team in Singapore

Singapore Slinging!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore with Vince, Stephanie and Kate from FIRST Global to essentially look at the entire city as a canvas for the forthcoming 2023 FIRST Global Event.

Image of stage with lights

The Kickoff is really the Kickoff!

Earlier this month, SRE again had the honor to work on both FIRST’s Founder’s Reception and
the FRC Kickoff Events in New Hampshire. We were not challenged with crazy New England
weather this year which made the onsite experience better.

Stage Set with screen showing competitors and beam lighting

Chessboxing Surprise!

I had the good fortune this past weekend to work with JK Productions on the Mogul Chessboxing Championship in Los Angeles. What a show!

First Impressions

One of the many things that I love about event management is the initial visit to a new venue. Its like a blank slate and you have to insert not just your specs, but your creativity.

Lance's morning crew meeting

Event Updates from Geneva to Dallas!

What a busy time it is for Show Ready Events! Recently I had the pleasure of working with the team at ARMI to produce a simulcast from Washington DC to Tel Aviv. Kerrell and I handled all aspects of house management and overall logistics, while Jacob Komar from JK Productions and his team nailed the broadcast needs.

Face Time

It’s been a while since I have posted. In fact, the last time I posted, Russia was still in its boundaries, America had a different president, and Pandemics were relatively abstract. Things have definitely changed in the world.

Remembering Woodie Flowers

It has taken me a bit to collect my thoughts on the recent passing of Woodie Flowers. When I originally set about to write about him, I was only emotionally charged. How can you not be if you were in his orbit?! Now, with some time passed, I have processed a bit to think of some of the most lasting memories, and more importantly, things I learned from him.