Take A Break!

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Uncategorized

I am back from an unexpectedly great vacation and am able to focus on what is important again!  Set against a backdrop of a serene lake with mountains in the distance, I was able to wake up each morning with great scenery.  My days felt like my first impression was possibility, not “Have To” but “Want To”.

Have you ever met someone who says “If you choose the right career, you never have to go on vacation, because you are on vacation every day”.  Well, I did choose the right career, I am certain of it.  I enjoy my work immensely.  I feel lucky almost every day and wish that all of my friends, colleagues, and family felt the same way about their vocation.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t need a break, and did I need a break!  I liked my bike rides where I didn’t know what was coming around the corner, trying a new restaurant and now I can Kayak like a Hawaiian.  What I had was simply a change of scenery and I am grateful to those closest to me to keep me focused on relaxation and being part of something special, even if for only a week.

I know that I am officially back in the grind, and that is simply okay, because I have my relativity- its great to work and enjoy your work, but it’s also great to take a break.  For all of my friends who may have forgotten- Take a Break!