Both Fall And Change Is In The Air At SRE!!

by | Sep 24, 2019 | SRE News | 2 comments


After 17 years of working together, Shawnna Estrella recently left her notice to pursue a unique project of passion. I learned that there are multiple steps in an emotional departure. First, I had to absorb the information- it was in fact a blow! Second, I realized I was happy for her, and need to celebrate her evolution with her. Third, I had to figure out the next steps for replacing her role and work. Last and ongoing- execute these steps. This sounds like some kind of logical plan, and it is. But underneath all of these steps, are years of memories and emotions that are popping out at their own will. This is tough for me! I am truly going to miss Shawnna’s daily contributions to Show Ready Events, and all of those great moments that we have on event site solving problems, and celebrating our successes. The good news is that I am lucky to have someone that I revere so much personally and professionally that is parting on such good terms. I know that we will remain in contact in the coming years and of course wish her and her family nothing but happiness.

Helping with the transition of Shawnna’s departure is Mindy Skripsky. Mindy has been with SRE for almost as long as Shawnna. The leadership and commitment to improving processes that Mindy has displayed over the years made her my top choice for replacing Shawnna’s role. Mindy and I agree that its hard to match Shawnna’s “bubbliness” at odd hours of the day after little sleep but she is up for the challenge! I think about how calmly and logically Mindy managed a near public crisis in Sydney earlier this year when a Whooping cough outbreak threatened to shut down our event. Her actions, leadership, and sheer will, impressed our clients, sponsors and attendees and kept the show running. I realized at the time that I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mindy, a proven event warrior who has seen everything from crying brides to emergency evacuations and everything in between. I am counting on Mindy to continue our unique rapport of honesty and mutual respect to help pace me and the company not just through this transition, but for higher levels of success in the future.

AND if this isn’t enough change, lets add some more! Jenny Fultz, a former SRE staff member is back! She went out into the world for a bit and has returned with more experience to bring immediately to SRE. After spending a few years back in her native Indy, she is relocating with her awesome family back to New Hampshire and will be starting in late October. Jenny is family. She has all of the great qualities that I look for in staff and partners- diligence, hard worker, honesty, and the core value of always doing the right thing, even if its not the easy thing. Oh! And she is also an awesome and detailed planner and onsite event leader that solves many problems big and small. She also comes into the Shawnna stratosphere of being relentlessly positive even after small amounts of sleep. Many of you who don’t know Jenny will have the opportunity to learn more about her in the months to come. You will not be disappointed!

A lot has been said about change. Change is constant. Change is important. Change is necessary. I started looking at quotes about change and decided that I don’t have a favorite one. Maybe you do? As I continue to ponder and plan, I can’t help but feel lucky. Lucky at the fact that change in each of these 3 women’s lives have brought us together at one point or another, and change can also keep us together as well. The best of both worlds? I hope so!
Please join me in congratulating Shawnna Estrella, Mindy Skripsky, and Jenny Fultz as each embark on their change!