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Recently, I have been stressed. Really stressed. In the face-to-face events industry, stress to event planners is like a sunburn to a roofer. I’m not just making this up.

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“Every Obstacle Is For Good”

I am in the process of planning a city-wide event in the city of Athens Greece. I have been there twice in the past three months and have met some amazing people in a historic backdrop. I definitely hope that anyone that gets a chance can experience Athens and their incredible culture, history and …. Yes, food!

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Lucky, Happy, And…..Well Lucky!

This past weekend I was going through 2023 pictures to sort of recall the awesome and crazy year we just had at Show Ready Events! So many thoughts and feelings worked their way in and out of me as I re-witnessed our challenges and successes.

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Crazy October!!

We were full throttle in October at Show Ready Events! I arrived in Singapore on September 29th for a near two-week ride that oversaw the installation and operation of the FIRST Global Event at the Singapore Expo. This is a busy venue that had lots of activity pre-show and during our event.

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