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Mindy with clients in Singapore at the Gardens By The Bay

Step One- Site Selection and the Planning Process!

Contrary to most social event management companies, SRE spends most of its summer schedule in the planning process for fall, winter and spring shows. We travel, meet key vendors, see new venues, make new friends, and most importantly build the foundation for the “80%”.

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Steve with Kerrell, recipient of the 2023 Show Ready Events "Kicked Ass Award"

From A Donkey To Hawks!

We started off the FIRST Championship week with a Donkey. Not just any donkey you see….but the Show Ready Events “Kicked Ass Award” donkey. Kerrell McNeal is this year’s winner of this prestigious award!

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FIRST Robotics Competitions 2023

What A Month!

The past month plus, the SRE team has been engaged in finalizing details for and running dozens of events. Most of these events are FIRST Robotics Competitions, which we have been working on for many, many years. These events took us from Australia to Mexico City and over 50 destinations in between. Suffice to say, that it will be a few weeks for the noise of the crowds to stop ringing in our heads!

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Show Ready Events team in Singapore

Singapore Slinging!!!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore with Vince, Stephanie and Kate from FIRST Global to essentially look at the entire city as a canvas for the forthcoming 2023 FIRST Global Event.

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