An Appeal to Let the Cranky Be….

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Recently the central and then the Northeast parts of the country were hit with an amazing one two combination storm.  Heavy Winds and Heavy Rain.  At one point I looked out my window at 1:30 in the morning and couldn’t tell if I was at sea or not.  It occurred to me that the people in Florida who went through the 80 mile per hour wind gusts while the newscaster said “Yeah, but it’s not that significant compared to what was originally forecast”.  Let me tell you, at 60-70 MPH winds in New Hampshire, I was scared.  It was very significant.

We had 3” of rain in less than a day.  1 inch of rain equals 10” of snow to put it in another context.  When it all cleared I had a 26” wide, 35’ long tree laying across my driveway stopping my escape from my own home!  It made me cranky.  It made my neighbors cranky.  My town?  Cranky.  And my dog Sophie?  Well, actually she was pretty cool.

So…or the next few days until power is restored and people can return to using blow driers and making ice cubes…..  Cut us some slack.  Thanks to mother nature, and possibly climate change, we have deserved a cranky moment!