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Event Updates from Geneva to Dallas!

OCTOBER 26, 2022

What a busy time it is for Show Ready Events! Recently I had the pleasure of working with the team at ARMI to produce a simulcast from Washington DC to Tel Aviv. Kerrell and I handled all aspects of house management and overall logistics, while Jacob Komar from JK Productions and his team nailed the broadcast needs. 


I write this while getting ready to part Dallas from the Church Facilities Conference and still have the FIRST Global Event in my mind from Geneva, Switzerland. What shows! First, FIRST Global – it’s nice to be part of students’ lives being changed right before our eyes!  


We had a light-hearted moment (and lightheaded) as Mindy and I, and our FIRST Global clients blew up inflatable LED balls for a student dance party. I recovered well enough to at least write this blog! The production on this show was incredible and the team at REV Robotics really ran a tight ship.


Jenny and Lance and I have been working with our clients from EH Publishing on the Church Facilities Expo. The 150+ exhibitors and 1600 + attendees have been treated to first-rate production and conferences, to a background of music. We braved storms inside our show floor, and long long days, but are so happy that things have gone great on this show! This picture is Lance briefing the morning crew.


Lots of things going on at SRE, as our rebound from the pandemic continues!