That’s how we like to work at Show Ready Events. Given a challenge we love to create a solution that solves a problem. We don’t run away from problems, we solve them. Whatever your current challenge may be, we can help you create an event that will make you a star. Show Ready Events is a unique logistics and event planning company made up of a select group of professionals from around the country who come together to help our clients achieve their goals. Never satisfied with “same as last year,” we’re always asking “what will make it better?” to build upon past successes. We become an integrated part of your team; an event is a collaborative process and we know how to bring your goals and ideas to life. From international events for over 40,000 people, to trade shows, large corporate events or an intimate board meeting for 10, our logistics capabilities are amongst the best in the industry. Trust us to solve your challenges as so many others have.

The SRE Way

“Our mission is to bring to life our client’s goals through events where we can use our own experience and intellect as our basis for success, fueled by seeing these goals become reality and affecting the live experience in a very positive way.”

The People Who Make It Happen

Here’s the smiling faces that bring your events to life!  Want to know more about us?


Steve Krawic, CEM



Shawnna Estrella

Director of Operations & Events


Mindy Woodard

Senior Event Specialist


Sandy Geisler

Event Specialist



Kerrell McNeal

Event Specialist


Kevin Kowalczyk

Event Specialist


Lance Lowenstein

Event Specialist

Jen Owen

Event Specialist

Joel Swenson

Event Specialist

Gary Jones

Event Specialist

Xander Castro

Event Specialist

Amy Sanchez, CMP, CTA

Event Specialist

Sally Slack

Event Specialist

Ariel Beach-Westmoreland

Event Specialist

Nicole Laidler

Event Specialist

Manon Currie

Event Specialist

Brad Yeager

Event Specialist

Justine Rowland

Event Specialist


Show Ready Events does it all. No matter the size or scope of your event, we are fully capable of helping you reach your goals. Our core areas of services include, but are not limited to, Event Planning, Onsite Event Management, Logistics and Consultation Services. We are experienced in many type of events including Tradeshows Booths, Tournaments & Competitions, Conventions & Meetings, and Special Events & Ceremonies.